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City of Portland, Oregon Bureau of Development Services: Attention Leah Dawkins
United States of America

Regarding Case file number: LU 16-195163 LDS which proposes a type 11x development on 6055 SE Tenino Street in Portland, OR.

We, the undersigned call on the City of Portland Bureau of Development Services to deny the proposed type 11x development on 6055 SE Tenino Street.

This section of Brentwood Darlington has been changed from R5 to R7 because it is a zone that does not have the services to support higher density development, such as this proposed subdivision. The overlay high density type of development proposed by the city is meant to be in developed areas that are well served by public transport, with established sidewalks and adequate storm water infrastructure. These criteria are not met in this part of Brentwood Darlington. What's more, this type of subdivision is not compatible with or supportive of positive qualities of a residential neighborhood.

By setting homes back from Tenino Street, the community feel of a residential and walkable street is lost. This development does not improve the quality of the area or how it functions. Lastly, Brentwood Darlington is characterized by long blocks, a rural feel and tall stand of Douglas Firs. The proposed subdivision removes 13 of the 24 trees on the lot. Furthermore, large lots are desirable for gardeners, interest in which has steadily grown since the development of the Community Gardens at 6866 SE 57th Street. Environmentally speaking homes with large lots and gardens reduce stormwater runoff.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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