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This petition is created to show the members of the Palestine Board Office that Robert Edward Atwood (SID #: 02359783, TDCJ #: 00646180) is still a violent and dangerous individual with a long history of behavioral and rage issues. He should NOT be granted parole under any circumstances. Atwood is serving a sentence for the brutal and senseless murder of Maria Bill, a mother of 6,
In the early morning hours of September 19, 1992, following hours of harassment, Atwood grew agitated after police were contacted.
He received a warning to leave her property but lingered in his truck. After the officer left, Atwood came back to her door and led Maria at gunpoint to the front seat of his truck still parked in front of her residence inComanche, Texas. He shot her mercilessly three times in the head, execution-style with a shotgun. Maria was still alive after the first two shots but finally died with head trauma from the third and final one. Her youngest son,
Michael, was 2 yrs. old and sitting on her lap at the time of the killing. He was covered in her blood. Three of Maria's daughters ages
7-20 along with a 2 yr old granddaughter were sleeping inside her home when this happened. After his horrific act, Robert Atwood proceeded to enter the house after her daughters who had made the call to police earlier. The shooting
had awakened them and they fled through the back door. No stranger to prison, Atwood stayed at the scene until police arrived. Witnesses reported he smiled and sneered at Maria's relatives as he was taken in.
Atwood pled guilty and was sentenced to 40 years with the possibility of parole after serving less than 10 years!
Information on Atwood's file as relayed by Victim Services (800/848-4284) during his FIRST chance at parole:
"The offender presently has 3394 good days time LOST and a very low classification. He will not be eligible for parole review until improves. Low classification and good days time lost indicate some pretty big discipline problems."
He is once again scheduled for a parole hearing in a couple of months, where he could possibly be released back to Comanche County as he has expressed his residential preference before.

We, the undersigned, STRONGLY OPPOSE the parole of REPEAT offender and convicted murderer Robert E. Atwood State ID#02359783 TDCJ ID#00646180!
The heinous nature of the murder of 43 year old Maria Bill while under the influence of drugs and alcohol, as well as the fact that he had recently been paroled should preclude any consideration of parole in any form.
Atwood should have been apprehended at the time of the first phone call as he was on parole then. This is not the kind of person that in good conscience
can be released back to society.
In 2018, Victim Services reported he had a total of 3577 good days LOST."
Herein lies proof that even with release under the care of a parole officer which he had before, Atwood's record of behavioral instability surpasses his ability and right to live among law-abiding citizens.
How can someone with no respect for human life nor for our law be trusted to control his rages in public? He should remain in prison as it would be a grave injustice to the family as well as society should he be released.
Had the law been followed by the police officer that dreadful morning, Atwood would have been arrested and taken back to prison for violating the law and a loving, law-abiding Mother of six would still be alive today.
Instead, many memories, weddings, successes and births of her grandchildren have missed her presence.
This nightmare is relived day after day, each year and during each parole review. This act disrupted a family and children's
lives, as well as an entire community. Enough is enough! Let justice be served and our faith in the system restored!

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