New York State Parole Commissioners

Do you ever think how life could be different if you were able to go back in time and change something? I do. I think about it all the time.
It was your typical brisk day the Friday of March 3, 1989 in Valley Stream. Children went to school and parents went to work. Everyone was excited for the weekend, especially Kelly Ann Tinyes. She would be celebrating her birthday this weekend as she was turning 14 on Sunday. Her friends were going to throw her a surprise birthday party that weekend. But Kelly never had the opportunity to show up, she didn’t stand a chance.
The school bell rang and students flooded out of school buildings around town. Kelly was an eighth grader at Woodmere Middle School, and her 8 year old brother Richie was a third grader in elementary school. Upon arriving home from school, Kelly would babysit Richie, until her parents arrived home. This was a typical practice for Kelly. She was known as one of the best babysitters around. She regularly babysat for kids in the neighborhood and for all of her younger cousins. She was one of those teenagers who really loved children and loved to be in their presence, and I assure you, all of those children loved her right back. Kelly would play with the kids for hours, make special treats, watch movies, and tell a really good bedtime story if she was babysitting late.
Kelly and Richie lived on a great block up until the afternoon of March 3rd of 1989. There were block parties, pool parties, and barbecues quite often. The families who lived on the street knew one another’s in-laws and watched one another’s kids. They made happy memories to last a lifetime, which were later broken by devastation.
At 2:51 p.m. on Friday, March 3rd, Richie took a phone call from John Jay Golub, a 14 year old neighbor. He said, “It’s John. Get Kelly.” John Jay was a ninth grader at Hewlett High School. He lived with his 21 year old brother Robert and his mother and father. Kelly took the phone call and a short while later she travelled the five houses down to the Golub residence. People in the neighborhood saw Kelly enter Golub’s home around 3:15 p.m. That would be the last time anyone in the neighborhood saw Kelly alive.
There were four people present in the Golub home that day when Kelly arrived. Those four people were Robert Golub, John Jay Golub, Steve Bataan, and Glen McMahon. Steve and Glen were guests of John Jay. They were also ninth graders at Hewlett High School.
This next part is very difficult to write or talk about, but it’s important. On March 4th, Nassau County police encountered a gruesome scene at the Golub home. Police found Kelly’s naked lifeless body stuffed inside of a sleeping bag in a small storage space in Golub’s trash-filled basement. The extent of her injuries was brutal. According to reports, Kelly was severely beaten for at least twenty minutes before dying of strangulation by her own bra. Clumps of hair had been torn from her scalp. Bite marks were on her neck and buttocks. Her torso was slashed opened and her throat was slit. There was a 19-inch World War I bayonet found in the sleeping bag with her. Her bloody clothes were stuffed into attaché cases.
On April 7, 1990, Robert Golub was found guilty of second-degree murder. He was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison. In handing down the severest sentence allowed, Judge Marvin Goodman expressed regret that he could not impose an even harsher one. “Unfortunately, the sentence options given to me by law fall short of the sentence which you truly deserve,” the judge told Golub. “The acts which you committed in this case are, by far, the most atrocious that I have ever experienced in my seventeen years as a judge. And the manner in which you killed Kelly Tinyes and mutilated her body, surpasses the worst murder known to this country. No dictionary contains sufficient words to describe the brutality of your acts.”
Robert Golub is currently incarcerated at Fishkill Correctional Facility and is up for parole in November of this year. He is actually eligible for parole every two years until his death. Judge Goodman would have recommended that no parole be granted, but that was not available by law at the time. At his trial, Robert Golub denied killing Kelly. He stated, “I did not kill Kelly Ann Tinyes. I swear to God it’s not me.” With more than 20 years of living in denial, Golub finally admitted to the parole board that he had killed Kelly, saying it was accidental. DNA evidence linked Golub to the murder; he is unequivocally guilty of this heinous murder. A crime of this nature is clearly not accidental. Life imprisonment is the only recourse.
Please sign this petition, and then share with others, so Robert Golub remains locked up, behind bars.

We, the undersigned, call on the New York State Parole Board to deny the parole request of Robert Golub 90A8024.

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