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EXcentrique, or Yara, is currently a moderator at ImNotOkay, or INO. It is an MCR fansite which is home to a lot of very humorous, great people.

We the people have decided that Yara is too harsh on the boards. Not only is she very harsh, but she has been acting very cruel to other members. This girl is also a hypocrite. She said there should be a rule against "attacking other members" when she herself has done this before.

She also locks fanfiction threads, which are NOT supposed to be locked unless there is a reasonable reason. A bit of spam in a story thread is NOT a reasonable reason.

We are not trying to ban her, but simply demote her to a regular INO civilian, as we feel that she does not qualify to be a moderator.

This is a petition for the members of ImNotOkay, or INO, to sign if they feel EXcentrique should be demoted.

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The Demote EXcentrique! petition to INO Members was written by Nicole and is in the category Internet at GoPetition.