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As stated by Constitutional lawyer Allan Hutchinson, in the Toronto Star on December 4th, in his letter to the governor general:

as the monarchy's domestic representative, your constitutional duty has a definite political compass – to act in a way that best advances Canada's commitment to democracy. In both the substance of your decision and the process by which you make it, you must ensure that the wishes and interests of Canada's citizens, not its government, are best represented and promoted.

Petition to the Governor General by the People

Canadians often ask themselves if the position of Governor General is worth its great cost to the people. This is one of those rare opportunities for you to show its most important raison d’etre.

Of vital importance is our understanding that in our democracy the prime minister and our government are “responsible” to the will of the people they govern. They demonstrate that responsibility by getting elected on the platform they present to the people. At no time in the last election did Dion or the leaders of the NDP and the Bloq run on a platform of forming a coalition to oppose the Conservatives.

We believe it is the duty of the Governor General to protect our democratic rights by telling Dion and the coalition leaders that they must present their platform and their Coalition to the people of Canada in an election. Only in that way can they claim to represent the will of the people.

By such a demand the Governor General can demonstrate that the office is performing a vital and priceless role to protect our rights.

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