United States Senator Pat Toomey
United States of America

Records indicate that Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey has not held a town hall meeting since 2013 which is completely unacceptable. At a minimum Senator Toomey's constituents demand a town hall meeting in every city where he has an official headquarters. Every Tuesday hundreds of Mr. Toomey's constituents line the streets and hallways of these headquarters and as of yet have not had any opportunity to meet with the Senator. We demand a town hall meeting where our concerns can be voiced. Calling his offices more often than not results in busy signals or a full mailbox, Emails and faxes not being responded to. This is not how democratically elected officials conduct themselves. Since the inception of the United States of America our democracy has been founded on the greatest of all ideals: representation of the people, for the people, with a voice to be heard by all. Our voices are not being heard and therefore we demand town hall meetings with Toomey. Let him hear your voice. Sign the petition and please forward to your friends and loved ones.

As Pennsylvanian Constituents of Senator Pat Toomey we demand town hall meeting in every city whereby he has official office headquarters. Senator Toomey has a responsibility to give his constituents the opportunity to voice their concerns.

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