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We the People of Berkeley, home and neighbors of such proud organizations such as the Center for Progressive Laws, the United Nations Association of the East Bay, Black Lives Matter, the ACLU, and many more, demand that The United Nations take immediate action to protect the rights of minorities worldwide.

Following the tragic events witnessed by Bangladesh over October of 2021, it is now abundantly clear that regardless of good intentions: The safety of the less powerful cannot be guaranteed by a single national authority anywhere.

It is widely apparent that this action was undertaken with the implicit goal of creating racial and religious tensions and this will not stand.

For this reason, we urgently appeal and demand that the United Nations immediately assume responsibility for using the full power of its diplomatic, financial, and peacekeeping resources to enforce the Universal Declaration of Rights in Bangladesh and beyond, at all times, as it should have done since its creation.

It is no longer acceptable that the world's premiere governing body should continue failing to uphold and enforce its agreed governing and guiding principles.

The United Nations must act now to utilize the power vested in it on behalf of the world’s peoples: to ensure safety for all, no matter their power, no matter their influence.

It is imperative for the United Nations to send a peacekeeping force to establish security and stability in the country. The daughter of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman deserves no less in dealing with such widespread racial tension created all over the nation, as was the purpose of the reactionary fundamentalists. Minorities of all the world must look to the example of the Jews to survive in such hostile environments and find success as a race.

The Prime Minister’s family has worked tirelessly for decades to remove poverty and lawlessness from Bangladesh. It is now obvious how unruly the religous-extremist community can be, lacking a nation’s strength to back up righteous nonviolent political leadership sufficiently.

All progress may be lost unless protection is sent to aid Sheikh Hasina immediately. She has made an unprecedented sacrifice for her nation while surviving more than two dozen of assassination attempts, an unprecedented sacrifice.

We appeal to the intellectuals of the world to come forward and support us, and we offer the mantle of leadership and action to the youth who will live one day to bask in the achievements of world peace and respect for all people.

Additionally, we ask the three great women leaders of the world: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II (and Her Majesty’s government) of the United Kingdom, Vice President Kamala Harris of the United States, and Chancellor Angele Merkel of the Federal Republic of Germany. These three women leaders, among others, have capacity to use their power and resources and follow their moral obligation to support Sheikh Hasina for the work of eliminating so much poverty for women worldwide.

It will be admirable for Ms. Merkel to support minority groups in their quest to live rightfully, with dignity, in their own countries: a concept supported by President Biden.

What has happened in Bangladesh and its neighboring countries will not be the first or last time such atrocities occur unless the United Nations steps in. Minorites must be emboldened to live in their own country and the United Nations should stand behind them.

Hindu and Punjabi minorities especially must remember that the partition was made and accepted by three parties, the British, Ghandiji, and Muhammad Ali Jinnah, which while idealistic, was later proven wrong with the war and creation of Bangladesh. The fact that this was even agreed upon defied all reasonable expectations and this theory has led to the loss of hundreds of thousands of lives and its only through the work of Sheik Mujibur Rahman and his daughter Sheik Hasina, a self-made, hardworking leader who stands as an icon to female leaders worldwide, that Bangladesh managed to be saved from the hands of fundamentalist. We, the secular and democratic nations of the world, have a more obligation to stand with her now. The United Nations is the correct institution to revisit and correct the mistakes of the nations of the Indian subcontinent, as they should have done before Rahaman’s murder, and ensure Bengali’s have access to land that they deserve and need while ensuring that ethnic minorities of India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan have the legal right to live in any country they choose of the three. This will ensure the most benefit to the Bengali people, who numbering in the tens of millions live in a country the size of New York State, with the resources they need to live with integrity and live a decent life, beneficial to all citizens of the world.

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