United States of America

To the Congress of the United States of America, assembled in the District of Columbia in the City of Washington.

We the people of the United States demand the impeachment of Donald Trump.

1. He has accepted emoluments from foreign dictators in violation of the U.S. Constitution.
2. He has insulted our noble allies of long standing, and undercut the sanctity of the Atlantic Alliance built through the sacrifice of so much blood and treasure.
3. He has accepted campaign support from Russia, a hostile nation, and was slow to act on a national security adviser compromised by Russian ties.
4. He has placed incompetent political hacks above our experienced generals.
5. He has besmirched America’s record of pursuing peace and freedom in the world by comparing the United States to the conduct of a murderous tyrant.
6. He has diminished the dignity of the high office he holds by his wanton and dishonest conduct.
7. He has attempted to make laws by decree, usurping the role of Congress.
8. He has insulted the Judiciary, and demeaned that co-equal branch of government as well.
9. He has stripped the government of many highly qualified civil servants and conducted business in an amateurish and dangerous manner.
10. He has appointed many clearly incompetent persons to high office.
11. He has refused to divest himself from his business dealings, refused customary disclosure of his personal finances and boasted of great wealth while also boasting of not paying taxes.
12. He has attacked the free press and issued gag orders to many federal agencies.
13. He has threatened the lives of Americans by attempting to alter health policy in a reckless and unplanned manner.
We therefore petition Congress to remove Donald Trump from office through the necessary Constitutional process.

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