#Animal Rights
FBI, Salar Kamangar, CEO, Youtube
United States of America

We, the undersigned, Demand that Youtube Release Animal Crime Videos to the FBI.

We, the undersigned, are outraged that Youtube freely permits videos of atrocities against animals on its website rather than immediately releasing this footage to the FBI so that law enforcement can act swiftly in finding and prosecuting these criminals.

We are certain Youtube would not upload films of the murder and torture of human beings, but would turn such incriminating documents over to the FBI.

In much of the United States and in many countries, animal abuse is considered a felony and by accepting and airing this footage, Youtube is granting a forum to psychopaths and condoning extreme anti-social behavior. It has been established that serial killers relish the attention their crimes receive and by airing these atrocities rather than immediately turning them over to authorities, Youtube offers encouragement to dangerous and deranged individuals.

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