Hawaii Department of Health
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The Hawaii Department of Health is proposing changes to HAR 11- 157 rules that govern vaccine requirements for schools. The primary goal of these policy changes are to adopt the most current vaccination schedule and procedures from the CDC- Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP). This blanket adoption of ACIP is an overarching policy, but is actually legal in the State of Hawai'i due to a legislative bill (SB1138 / HB907) that passed in 2013. This bill removed legislative oversight, and gives the DOH authority to make any changes to vaccination requirements. The Department of Health is required to hold hearing for public testimony administered by a hearings officer, however the "decision-makers" on the proposed rule change are not required to be present. It is disrespectful for these "decision-makers" not to be present to hear the heartfelt and emotional testimony of the public when considering such sweeping mandated health requirements.

We, the people of Hawaii, demand that the Department of Health show the public respect by having all "decision-makers" present during all scheduled public hearings for the proposed rule change to HAR 11-157. It is important that these decisions makers hear first hand the testimonies of those who took time to publicly express their opinions regarding proposed rule changes to HAR 11-157. Without "decision-makers" to hear first-hand, they are not fully able to make an informed decision regarding a very important change in public health policy.

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