#County Planning and Zoning
Ocklawaha, Marion County, Florida
United States of America

Please do not permit this intrusion into our quiet neighborhood. Owners on and around Lake Faye, Lake Pendarvis and Coronado Lake have made considerable investments to live in an atmosphere that has become extremely rare today. A huge fear and great agitation has grown up, locally over this issue.

1- The neighborhood surrounding the land in question consists exclusively of multi acre, single family, residential farm, parcels, zoned agricultural (A-1 and A-3).

2- The proposed use would be out of compliance with the county’s comprehensive use plan. The insertion of a children’s camp would introduce a commercial type use smack in the middle of these small and mid sized residential farm properties.

3- The parcel in question is on SE 112 Lane. The existing road is a low traffic country road not designed and unsuited for the proposed commercialized use. The pavement ends at the edge of the property. The additional traffic and inevitable turn arounds at the end of the pavement will put undue stress on a road that was designed for low use residential traffic. The current residents have never requested any funding from Marion County to improve the road and will be highly resistant to incurring any road costs to be added to their tax billings.

4- The neighborhood surrounding the parcel in question enjoys a very quiet atmosphere. The insertion of a commercial camping enterprise, with a concentration of 25 children plus their caregivers, would increase the local ambient noise level. This would be unwelcomed and obnoxious to those invested in this area.

5- The neighborhood exists deep, in an outlying area of the county. One of the highly desirable characteristics is a nighttime view of the sky and local lakes. A children’s camp establishment would require considerable lighting, for the safety and wellbeing of those utilizing the proposed faculty. This will increase the brilliance of ground lighting and destroy the nighttime character and quality of the vicinity.

6- The area of the county in question has no public water or sewer available. Each parcel of land requires its own private water and septic system. Additionally the parcel is just a few hundred feet from Lake Faye. Faye is part of a group of local lakes, including Pendarvis and Coronado, which share their water via underground tunnels and waterways. A commercial type camping establishment will require something greater than a residential septic system to serve the needs to handle the waste from 30 or more persons. Additionally, the proposed concentration of people should require some public drinking system standard. This usually requires water treatment, minimally with chlorine. Current residents of the surrounding area are extremely concerned about the impact on their drinking water and recreational lakes by any commercial water and septic systems.

7 - The parcel that this permit applies for has no lake frontage. Two smaller contiguous parcels that front on Lake Faye (39745-000-00 and 40132-000-00) are also owned by Mr. Baren. In the event the permit is issued Mr. Baren could then sell the lake frontage to Mr. Bustin’s organization. This would bring the camp operation, along with its traffic, noise, pollution, and newly installed lighting onto and into the lake, by default, with no need for any special permits or hearings, and no opportunity for input by local land owners.

The Demand that Marion County Marion County Growth Services Reject the Special Use Permit Application Number 170506SU petition to Ocklawaha, Marion County, Florida was written by David Oxhandler and is in the category City & Town Planning at GoPetition.