#Civil Rights
Prime Minister Stephen Harper

78 year old Dan Brown, a veteran, was removed from his position as a Commisionaire when someone complained that he was not bilingual.

Whoever turned in Dan Brown and made him cry, should think about crawling under a rock.

Judging by the comments to the Ottawa Citizen article "A much-loved commissionaire gets the bilingual boot" by Hugh Adami there are many Canadians out there who are disgusted and fed up with this type of bullying.


Please let Prime Minister Harper know that we are fed up and that we fully expect him to ensure that Mr. Brown is not only reinstated to his former position but that the rights of all Anglophones in Canada are protected from this kind of attack. Je suis une Canadienne et ainsi suis M. Brown - svp défendez et soutenez nos droites également. Si c'est ce qui se produit lui est l'heure de finir le bilinguisme officiel au Canada/ I am a Canadian and so is Mr Brown - please defend and support our rights equally. If this is what happens it is time to end official bilingualism in Canada.

Do something constructive Mr. Harper we are fed up with being treated as second class citizens in our own country!

The Demand that Anglophone Dan Brown be given his job back at the National Research Council petition to Prime Minister Stephen Harper was written by Patricia Foley and is in the category Civil Rights at GoPetition.