Steve Driehaus, US Rep OH-1
United States of America

Petition sponsored by Cincinnati Tea Party and COAST

Rules enacted by the United States House of Representatives require that all Congressmen disclose earmark requests on their official web site. Steve Driehaus is one of only 3 (out of 435) that has chosen not to comply with the rule. Instead of listing earmarks that he has requested, he has listed all earmark requests received by his office.

As taxpayers and citizens, we have a right to know how our representatives intend to spend our money.

By signing this petition below, I hereby demand that Congressman Steve Driehaus comply with the rules set forth by the United States House of Representatives and fully disclose which earmarks his office requested.

As an overburdened taxpayer, I have the right to know how my local representation in Washington plans to spend my hard-earned money. I oppose his attempts to hide this information from the public eye.

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