#Human Rights
The House of Commons In Parliament Assembled

As of November 20, 2012, the Rwanda-backed rebel group M23, known for mass rape, summary executions, other human rights violations, has taken the key city of Goma. They say they are moving onto Bukavu and plan to "take Congo."

Rwanda has reportedly sent in 3000 troops in support of this effort. History (1996,1998, and the early 2000's), all show this invasion will result in massive rape and other human rights violations.

Your undersigned petitioners call upon Parliament to apply massive diplomatic pressure to get Rwanda to withdraw all support for this offensive.

We urge Prime Minister Stephen Harper to contact Rwandan President Paul Kagame and demand he cease all support mass atrocities and territorial aggression in DR Congo. Canadians are deeply concerned about the welfare of our friends and family in Congo.

We urge action today.

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