P.M. Harper Government of Canada

The P.M. is unwilling to request an R.C.M.P. investigation into the senate scandal. A number of senators received 10's of thousand's of tax payers dollars by submitting false claims for senate housing entitlements and other false per deim claims.

It is absolutely imperative that the R.C.M.P. conduct an investigation, with the possibility of laying criminal charges.

The law in Canada clearly states that no one is above the law, and John/Jane Doe has to see that these senators are subject to the same laws as the average citizen. It is also necessary to preserve the integrity of our justice system.

We, the undersigned, call on Prime Minister Harper to take the leading role in directing the R.C.M.P. to do a forensic audit on the expenses of senators who have wrongfully obtained public funds by questionable means.

It must be demonstrated that in Canada, the law be applied in the same manner, to all Canadians ie. John/Jane Doe and senators and any other Government officials, otherwise, our justice system will lose all credibility.

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