#Animal Welfare
Meow Mix and the FDA

In early December, 2013, Sticky The Kitty became violently ill after eating her first meal from a new bag of Meow Mix Seafood Medley cat food. She vomited 15 times in the span of a few hours, to the point only foam was coming up. Shortly thereafter, her sibling became ill with similar symptoms, but being three times her size, handled it better.

Both cats stopped vomiting after the Meow Mix was removed. Sticky's sibling recovered completely within a few days after stopping Meow Mix. However, Sticky has many food and environmental allergies, and switching foods abruptly has caused a downward spiral with her health that she has not recovered from as of a month later. Meow Mix denies there is a problem, but multiple consumer cat food review sites cite similar symptoms, including severe vomiting, vomiting blood, and even death after consuming Meow Mix, in reviews going back for at LEAST several months.

We want a recall and review of the Meow Mix cat foods so this does not happen to another cat.

We, the undersigned, call on Meow Mix to recall and investigate these illnesses. We also call on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to hold Meow Mix, part of the Del Monte corporation, accountable for the illnesses of the affected cats, particularly in light of the multiple reports of similar illnesses over a span of several months with no active recalls for said illnesses.

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