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10 days ago, President Obama worked out a compromise with Catholic affiliated institutions over a mandate in the health care law that would provide preventive services like Birth Control to their employees.

Unfortunately, Catholic Bishops and faith based institutions objected to the compromise, stating that the compromise was against their morals, conscience and 1st amendment rights.

Republicans have already held one hearing on their plan to allow employers to deny women coverage for birth control -- and then banned women from testifying. Currently, there are two bills in Congress that could possibly allow employers or insurance companies to deny any health care coverage based on religious or “conscience rights”. The bills, authored by Republicans Representative Jeff Fortenberry and Senator Roy Blunt, called "the Respect for Rights of Conscience Act", will help exempt mandated health plans from providing any medical services that they define as “morally objectionable”. The implications of the Conservative right or Republican members in Congress being able to legislate “morals” are not only offensive but also disturbing.

These bills are too broad, extreme and actually impose religious beliefs upon women and their Doctors though Representative Jeff Fortenberry stated that Americans "conscience rights" are currently being threatened stating mandating or requiring health care services such as birth control is morally objectionable.

Again, keep in mind that this isn’t just about birth control. The Republican plan would allow any employer to deny any employee coverage for any treatment.

Women's health care should not be used as a political football.

Representatives like Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.), who chairs Senate Democrats' campaign committee. Stated, "It puts politics between women and their healthcare."

An outrage this big deserves a response to match.
Please ...
Demand live TV Coverage of Women's Right to Health Care and Complete transparency.

We the undersigned, demands Congress, provide live TV coverage of all panels or hearings regarding Women's Health Care, Insurance, and Reproductive Rights.

Today, 67% of Americans do not believe employers should be allowed to deny health care coverage based on their beliefs. It is also no wonder nearly three in four voters support insurance coverage of birth control. It’s basic, if not necessary, preventive care.

Women's health care should not be used as a political football.

We the People have the right to and expect complete transparency regarding panels, hearings, or legislation that will affect the lives of our fellow Americans.

- Stand Up and Speak Out for Women - Health Care
Join Us - Demand live TV Coverage.
- In the fight … Conscience Rights Vs. Reproductive Rights

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