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As the main body of authority in the United States of America rests in the hands of its people, we the people of this nation hereby declare a vote of no confidence in our elected representatives ability and/ or desire to represent their constituents best interests, and demand the immediate resignation of the sitting President of the USA, along with any who assisted in his election, and that they all be denied any future involvement in the governance of this country. We futher demand that he be tried for treason along with anyone who assisted in bypassing Constitutional requirements for him to be elected.

We, the undersigned, declare by Constitutional right, that "We, the People" (legally documented US citizens) are the main body of authority in the United States of America, and that we hereby demand the resignation of the man currently known as Barrak Obama from the position of President of the United States, and that he and anyone who has assisted him in attaining such office without proof of his legal right to hold said office by meeting all constitutional criteria, be removed from what ever office they may hold and be tried for treason against the people of this nation.

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