#Local Government
Military Residence on Bangor Subase
United States of America

As a resident paying for housing on Bangor Military Subase, we are within our rights to demand adequate electricity to our homes. Since July 2010, we have been denied our right!

If you're one of the many that are tired of losing your electricity, not getting enough voltage, and losing appliances due to this problem, please sign so that we can get this problem resolved.

We should not have to pay multiple deductibles for the same event lasting many months. Along with this long term problem, it is also necessary to mention that even if your appliances have not burned out, the longer this problem continues the more damage it is doing to all of your household electrical appliances and it will shorten all of their life span.

We as a community want to support each other and get this problem addressed and receive the reimbursement for our damages.

I am a resident at Bangor Subase and I pay each month to have electricity inside of my home through my leasing company Forest City. This issue has gone on long enough. I do not want to pay multiple deductibles due to a long term electrical event that began in July 2010 and is still going on today.

I am tired of having my electrical appliances destroyed due to this problem. I am tired of having a scheduled power outage every weekend. By signing this petition, I state I fully support this effort to restore all of our electricity. We as residents have suffered long enough. We should be reimbursed for not only the damage to our appliances that are evident (burned out washers, dryers, microwaves, televisions and computers) but the damage that will be long term (appliance no longer running at full capacity - examples include microwaves heating only mildly, washers running sluggishly, and televisions now having fuzzy screens or lines through the screens).

We as residents, should not have to suffer through this ongoing problem any longer. We demand for it to be addressed and resolved!

*You may have multiple signatures from adults inside of the same household, everyone inside the household is exposed to the same electrical situation.

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