Members of House & Senate; Parents with Children & Pets; Animal Lovers
United States of America

One moment's distraction can take a life needlessly. So much tragedy is beyond our scope
why not stop the ones we can.

Airbags caused children to be relegated to the backseat for safety. Since 1998, nearly 500 children and an unknown number of animals have been accidentally entrapped and killed due to overheating in vehicles. We can stop this senseless death toll. Not to would be negligent.

The irony is most of the parts necessary to save their lives are already being installed in cars. They are used in applications of convenience i.e. keys left in ignition, door open warning, etc.

Automakers will install a solution only if Congress requires every new car, truck and SUV manufactured to include a sensor-controlled system .

We only have seat belts and airbags because of Congressional intervention.

Please sign this petition and contact your Member of Congress to demand action. What value is life?


We, the undersigned, call on all members of the United States Senate and House of Representatives to mandate U.S. auto manufacturers or any foreign-owned automotive companies ensure ALL vehicles are equipped with a system for preventing accidental deaths to living beings due to vehicle overheating.

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