#Civil Rights
United States of America

The National Institute of Drug Addiction states that drug addiction is a disease and a mental disorder. Therefore, crimes by drug addicts are carried out because the drug addict's brain is compromised both DURING and BEFORE they commit a crime. This is unlike a mentally sane person who has the ability to make a conscious decision prior to committing a crime. The drug addict's brain does not have that. The dopamine high — an effect known as tolerance, is much greater in addicts.

Addiction is medically proven to incapacitate the brain and confuse desires. Why then is the justice system treating addicts like criminals when other persons who are deemed mentally incapacitated get help?

We demand that any crimes committed by suspected drug addicts are first examined by a medical officer in all courts of Law throughout the United States.

If a crime is determined to have been committed by an addict, then any trial should proceed as if the accused is mentally incapacitated and thus follow the procedures and laws that apply to the mentally incapacitated.

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