#Animal Rights
David Millard mayor of Waldron Arkansas
United States of America

Waldron Arkansas is notorious for getting animal drop offs. There is NO shelter here in Scott county so we as a community need to come together to create a safe haven for these animals. What happens when animals are dropped off? They are loaded up and let loose in thr country to their death. Why? Because there is no animal shelter or rescue in this county. I have reached out to many other rescues that refuse to help because it's outside of their county and cannot take on animals from another county due to their own counties problems. So it is up to us to let the people of Waldron realize what is going on. Animals DO NOT have voices WE ARE THEIR VOICE.

We need you to sign this petition to get this county to realize what is going on. You need to be the one to speak for these animals and bring them justice!

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