British Columbia Legislature

In November 2021 an atmospheric river event created lanslides and flooding issues for homeowners and businesses in the Chilliwack River Valley. After 6 months of no action, many families are still unable to access their homes and have not received assistance under the Disaster Financial Assistance Program. This is unacceptable, and this petition is to demand action immediately for those effected in the Chilliwack River Valley.

The petition of the undersigned, concerned citizens of the Province of British Columbia, states that the Provincial government fulfil their obligations to citizens impacted by the disaster called under the State of Emergency in a timely way. An excess of six months to respond to an emergency is an additional hardship for those affected.
Your petitioners respectfully request that the Honourable House fulfil their obligations without delay.
Dated ____________, day of _________________, 2022

And in plain English, the signees of this petition demand action from the government to provide assistance to those who suffered irrecoverable losses in the November weather event of 2021, in particular in the Chilliwack River Valley.
The government declared a state of emergency— a Disaster – but has done nothing, six months after the events, to adequately meet the needs of the flood and landslide victims.

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