#Animal Welfare
City of Bentonville Mayor and City Council
United States of America

Bentonville does NOT have an animal shelter.

Lost, abandoned and stray dogs in Bentonville are considered nuisances and taken to the Rogers city shelter which is technically a kill shelter with about 95% live release. There are NO city ordinances or services in Bentonville for cats so they are left to suffer and die horrible deaths of neglect, abuse and starvation.

Local animal non-profits and citizens who care about animals are not capable of handling the growing problem alone.

The mayor and city council’s response is a 3 to 5-year contract to send more than $100K annually of your tax dollars to the City of Centerton’s dog shelter, a small, inadequate shelter without heat or air conditioning.

Additionally, the Mayor is proposing another animal control officer at a cost of $50k annually. The current contract with Rogers cost $72K annually plus fees for each dog. There continues to be no proposal for cats.

No cat or dog should suffer or die because our mayor and city council refuse to take action to provide care for its animals and serve its citizens.

This is a pivotal moment for you to step up and speak out, forcing our city to lead in animal protections and respond to our residents.

We, the undersigned call on the City of Bentonville, Arkansas, Mayor and City Council Members to build a humane, 21 century, high quality of care, no kill animal shelter in partnership with local rescue organizations and the private sector. A modern shelter with a veterinary clinic, professional staff, including behaviorists, trainers, volunteers, fosters and programs in spay/neuter, adoptions, TNR, cat colonies, and support for low income families to keep their pets.

We call on the city to fund a temporary high quality of care animal shelter within the city limits until a permanent shelter is built with staff and programing, and to transfer authority over animal control officers to the shelter.

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