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Found that perfect item online for a birthday, celebration, or just a treat for being good. You order it, you may even be tempted to pay that little extra for a quicker or dedicated timeslot delivery for peace of mind.

Wish it was so simple but this is where the delivery nightmare begins and Ofcom state that 65 % of us are having issues with parcel deliveries through online vendors.

Ofcom's solution is to put none enforceable guidelines into action.

I don't believe this is going far enough and online traders/delivery companies should be forced to comply with strict regulations and to allow for contact, complaints and compensation where required.

I bet I am not the only one to have taken a day off for an important delivery only to find out there were technical difficulties, the parcel was attempted to be delivered at the wrong address, or it just didn't turn up. lost somewhere in transit. I have also had damaged goods, proof of deliveries that were not legible, none comprehensible image proofs, etc etc

I don't like to complain unless its warranted but if you have ever dealt with delivery issues you will probably know how frustrating this can be. No contact numbers, no complaint procedures, the resellers even though they take payment for delivery will not take reasonability for the delivery company and the delivery companies will send you back to the reseller as they are the customer not you.
A blame game begins and never seems to end and what about the customer who paid for the item and delivery service, why should that customer have to be the one to chase and chase and chase it up.

Come on Ofcom get a backbone.

There are compensation procedures and practices for flight delays or cancellations so we know it can be done. I am not saying this is the perfect solution but at least it would make delivery companies and online resellers sit up and take notice.

We the undersigned call on Ofcom to :

Implement enforced policy for parcel delivery companies to provide
Online complaints procedures and services
Phone contact numbers and services.

Statistics from these complaints should be gathered and
fines imposed for poor service providers
trading bans for the worst performers

Rules should be enforced to ensure online traders take full reasonability for the full order lifecycle process including deliveries.

Online traders should be forced to offer compensation when agreed delivery dates are not adhered to or goods are damaged/lost. This should be above the refund of the delivery cost.

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