#West Bay Club Community
West Bay Club Residents in Estero, Florida
United States of America

Did you know that WHO (World Health Organization) announced in 2015 that Round Up is probably carcinogenic to humans? Sign this petition if you want West Bay Golf Club to delay Round Up (glyphosate) applications until after April 30th, 2018.

*Residents didn’t have a community voice or vote on this matter that affects most WBC residents living on golf course.

*12 Golf Board members decided on behalf of the residents that HIGH SEASON was the right time for toxic application.

*Other SW Fl. golf courses choose post-season to commence such similar approached renovations. Why not ours? This is NOT a typical small amount residential weed killing application. It is 4 full days on a widespread golf course resembling a larger scales agricultural application & most WB C residents live within 100 feet of the golf course.

*This pesticide is being sprayed abundantly from sun up to sun down according to Jeff Raimer, Golf Director of WBC, on 4 dates of 2/26, 3/12, 4/2 and 4/26. Three of four dates were discussed with fourth omitted in January 9th email.

*It is easier for the Golf Board to delay and MOVE THE DATE of applications to commence end of season than it is for the many concerned residents to MOVE THEIR LIVES and rearrange their flight schedules from a Board’s short notice.

*Disclosure on Glyphosate and its potential health effects was omitted on January 9th email. “Golf Course Renovation” dominated the subject line without any reference to ROUND UP APPLICATION in subject line.

*Under 60 day notice left residents without a voice, choice nor enough notice on relocation leaving many with costly flight changes and/or cancellation of family visitors around Easter and Spring Break.

* THE RIGHT TO USE OUR INVESTMENTS/PROPERTIES during the most desirable high season Florida times of year without exposure to controversial chemical applications is a right that stands above a Golf Board. Community health comes first.

*Annual residents have nowhere to relocate without extra high seasonal expenses and non-availability with less than 60 day notice that they provided. Annual residents with children have FSA testing during the dates the Board plans to proceed with applications which does not allow concerned residents to leave property who would rather not be present.

*Pregnant family members, children and grandkids had flights to come visit our residents before, during and/or after Easter (one of the large application administration dates). Residents are scrambling to alter plans after already have invested in flights and this should have been considered.

*Eurpoean Union research has shown Round Up to have adverse long term affects on aquatic life.

We, the undersigned, call on West Bay Community and Golf Club of Estero, Florida to delay the current schedule of February through April 2018 golf course renovation related ROUND UP applications until the date of April 30th 2018 or beyond with a finishing date of application prior to October 1, 2018.

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