#Human Rights
Congress and the citizens of the United States
United States of America

As an individual and citizen of the United States of America, I see the need to call on Congress to help in the fight against abortion and to side with those who stand for life, to abolish and completely eradicate abortion from out nation. As people who believe in equal rights and that we have all been created equal by our Creator and have been endowed with equal rights by the Creator Himself, I am also calling on Congress to reflect and present tbese same equal rights to the unborn in the eombs of their mothers. The unborn in the wombs of their mothers are as equal as we are and deserve the same rights as we have. We must do everything in our power to protect the lives of all including those in the womb. Our voice is their voice, our cause is their cause.

We stand against the killing of the unborn in the United States of America and we call on Congress and all of the United States of America to cancel, and abolish abortion in all of the United States of America. As a Christian nation, this is against the will of God and as a Human Rights issues, this is against the human rights of an individual, made in the image of God with equal rights to life, liberty and freedom and the pursuit of happiness.

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