Members of the Alberta Legislative Assembly

A vast majority of abortions are elective procedures. According to the latest available data 76% of Albertans support the defunding of abortion with the exception of those abortions performed in the cases of rape, incest or when the life of the mother is in grave and present danger as a result of the physical impact of the pregnancy.

A strong public healthcare system requires ever more prudent fiscal responsibility. We urge the government to only fund procedures that are justifiably deemed medically necessary.

We support conscience rights for taxpayers. Medical procedures that are not widely supported by the public should not be publicly funded. Through this petition we express our sincerest desire as citizens and participants in governance that abortion be defunded in the province of Alberta.

Whereas, according to the 2003 Leger poll, 76% of Albertans support defunding abortion except when the mother’s life is threatened or in cases of rape and incest;

We, the undersigned residents of Alberta ask the Members of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta to support the defunding of abortion in this province with the exception of the aforementioned cases.

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