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State and Federal Government and instrumentalities

To date the benefits supporting the definition and legitimisation of motorcycle 'filtering' or passing between lines of stationary or low speed traffic with a small speed differential as distinct from 'lane splitting' between lanes of traffic with a high speed differential present a strong and rational case.

At this time, there is little if any empirical evidence to support the case that 'filtering' when conducted in a safe manner is significantly dangerous.

Therefore it should not be treated as illegal and should be legitimised at a national level without delay.

We the undersigned, call upon State and Federal Governments along with their bureaucratic instrumentalities to initiate without delay the clarification of Road Rule 141 to specifically define the differences between safe 'filtering' between lanes of stationary or slow moving traffic, in a manner that alleviates congestion and 'lane splitting' in a manner that is dangerous.

Further, we call upon State and Federal Governments to specifically acknowledge the benefits of 'filtering' by explicitly including within the National Road Rules wording that unambiguously permits safe filtering.

At this time the current policing penalties attached to this beneficial activity are not supported by recognised scientific evidence, whereas the benefits associated with relieving traffic congestion are published and acknowledged.

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