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Once again California politicians are infringing upon the religious freedom of churches and other religious institutions. AB 569 will prohibit these organizations from holding their employees to biblical standards when it comes to contraception, abortion and sex outside of marriage.

"Every organization that promotes a pro-life message must be able to require its employees to practice what they preach. The right to freely exercise one's religion is enshrined in our Constitution, and has always protected every American's ability to freely associate around shared beliefs and practices. It is unconscionable for any politician to attempt to bridge the sacrosanct religious liberty by inserting themselves into the employee-employer relationship." - Jonathan Keller, President of CA Family Council

This bill was written by Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher (Democrat, San Diego-National City-Chula Vista-San Ysidro). Help us gather a multitude of signatures to remind Assemblywoman Gonzalez that the church is guaranteed a Constitutional right to religious freedom. We will be delivering this petition to her as well as all the other CA Senators who will be considering this upcoming bill in the Senate.

This bill is currently coming up in committee and if passed will soon be voted on by our CA Senate. We are urging our Senators to OPPOSE this bill, to strongly consider the consequences this bill will reap, and to protect the churches constitutional right to religious freedom.

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