Sam Reed, Washington State Secretary of State.
United States of America

Article II of the United States Constitution requires that any person elected to be the President must be a natural born citizen. The present occupant of that office, Barack Hussein Obama, failed to show an applicable form of documentation until April 27, 2011 when he produced a document purporting to establish his birthplace as Hawaii. Analyses of the document by a number of experts have shown that it probably is a forgery.

Prior to his election to the presidency, he claimed Kenya as his place of birth, and a biography published by a literary agency stated that he was born in Kenya. The biography remained unchanged for sixteen years. During a speech in Africa, his wife indicated that Kenya was his home country. Articles in Kenyan newspapers stated that he was born in Kenya.

A former mail carrier in Chicago testified under oath that the foreign student receiving financial support from the parents of William Ayers was Barack Obama. It is believed that during his student days, he traveled to Pakistan while in possession of an Indonesian passport. This would indicate Indonesian citizenship.

There is evidence that, as a child, Barack Obama attended school in Indonesia as Barry Soetoro, the surname of his stepfather.

Whereas, the term, "natural born citizen", has been defined by a number of Supreme Court cases as being born of parents who are both U. S. citizens, and that meaning is supported by the intent of the Founders that the President's loyalty must be undivided;

Whereas, the information stated herein strongly indicates that Barack Obama is not a natural born citizen as intended by the Founders, and as stated by Article II of the Constitution;

Therefore, we the undersigned do hereby ask that the name Barack Obama not appear on the Washington State ballot for the presidential election until such a time at which he can establish with irrefutable proof that he is a natural born citizen of the United States.

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