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The State of Georgia
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This petition is designed to show support in defeating the H.B.-1 BILL, introduced by Georgia State Rep. Bobby Franklin ( R ). The H.B. -1 BILL, seeks to amend the Official Code of Georgia Annotated to provide that Miscarriages should be a criminal act, and to provide a penalty of Felony charges, and Death row servitude if the woman cannot prove that there was no “Human Intervention” in the causation of the miscarriage.

H.B.-1 Bill, also violates the Roe vs. Wade (1973), which gives women the right to privacy in these matters. It should also be noted that the Medical Community has taken the position that miscarriages happen naturally, and are common occurrences and outcomes of pregnancy.

Therefore with no known cause or cure for a miscarriage, it is impossible for a woman to be able to provide proof of how or why she had a miscarriage.

A woman who has suffered a Miscarriage has endured a great loss, unimaginable to a man who has never been pregnant. It is inconceivable and reprehensible that a Bill could be passed, that would require a woman to be held legally responsible for a pregnancy that she may not have been aware of.

H.B. -1 BILL needs to be opposed, defeated, and rejected. It is a blatant affront to Motherhood, it is a deliberate attack against a women's privacy, dignity, and the sanctity of her body.

The People of the United States of America who sign this petition will not tolerate the attack on women's freedom and or her constitutional rights.

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