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Damage from overpopulation of deer on Mt Bolus is extensive. Decades-old trees and shrubs are being destroyed. Azaleas, liriope, hosta, most flower are long gone, as well as all vegetable gardens. Herds of deer, as many as 15 at one time, are roaming the yards bordering on the large woods and OWASA easement down in the creek bed behind the homes on the north side of Mt Bolus .

With a high reproduction rate (doubling in 2-3 years), the number of deer could be approaching 100 in the next year or two. There are no predators and no way for these captive deer to escape from in-town Chapel Hill. Deer don't hibernate, so this winter they will keep searching for any greenery they can find.

We have a growing sick and desperately hungry deer population. One neighbor discovered a dead deer on her property and had to hire someone at $150 to remove the decaying carcass. Health risks are increasing, not only for the deer but for residents, from piles of excrement, ticks, and the real threat of Lyme disease. There is also the potential for car accidents and harm to passengers if the herds continue to search longer hours and wider areas.

Much research in NC and other states has been done on this problem. Copies and website addresses are attached. Mount Bolus residents are ready to assist however we can.

We, the undersigned residents of Mount Bolus, call on the Chapel Hill Town Council to take all measures as soon as possible to reduce the number of deer in the Mount Bolus neighborhood. In the process we ask that no harm be done to people or property, and that such culling be done in the most swift and humane way possible.

Bow hunting is seen as an effective and less dangerous method of hunting, and we would support bringing in professional bow hunters to work under control of the local or state authorities (see attached bio of a local professional and experienced archer).

Finally we would ask that the meat taken be used not only by the hunters and the neighbors, but also by the needy community.

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