South Africa

We address this matter to you as the President of South Africa and leader of the ANC.

1. We refer to our previous letters to you, dated 26 November 2015, and 31 May 2017, that was each time handed over to one of your representatives.
2. In those letters we already referred to our demand of FREEDOM, SELF-DETERMINATION, and the reinstatement of our BOERE-REPUBLICS, namely Transvaal and the Orange Free State.
3. As you know, more than eight hundred thousand white South Africans voted NO in in referendum of 1992. The then National Party under the promise that white South African’s language, culture, history, education and land would be protected held this referendum.
4. As you also know, during the negotiations at KODESA, the same promises were made.
5. During this time, the ANC also promised General Constand Viljoen that the white people of South Africa the right have to SELF-DETERMINATION. The ANC made this promise because they were, at that stage, afraid of a civil war in South Africa.
6. But 23 years after your party, the ANC took over as the ruling party, we the BOERE-AFRIKANERS still have not seen anything about these promises.
7. We, the BOERE-AFRIKANERS acknowledge that you and your party do not want us here, and we will be happy to go to our own land, where we can rule ourselves and be safe.
8. We, the BOERE-AFRIKANERS have been tortured, maimed, killed in the past 23 years under your party’s rule, our heritage, culture, history, language and freedom has been taken away and even though you do not acknowledge it, there is a planned and systematic genocide against the BOERE-AFRIKANERS going on in South Africa.
9. WE, the BOERE-AFRIKANERS is part of Africa, and has been for more than 360 years, and we demand the right to freedom, just as any other tribe has in Africa.

We, the undersigned BOERE-AFRIKANERS of South Africa, therefore demand the following from you and the South African Government:

• Return all the land that were stolen from the BOERE-AFRIKANERS. This includes the Boer Republics of Transvaal and the Orange Free State.
• The immediate end to ALL forms of racism and hate speech against the BOERE-AFRIKANERS and/or the white minority in South Africa.
• The immediate end to ALL race based laws that discriminate against any white person in South Africa.
• The immediate release of ALL political prisoners.
• The immediate re-instatement of the Commando systems to protect the lives of farmers and their workers.
• The immediate end to genocide against the BOERE-AFRIKANERS, which include our lives, language, religion, history and culture.
• The immediate forming of a working committee where the handing over of the BOERE-REPUBLICS can be discussed.

We, the undersigned, call on the South African government the hand back our Boere-Republics and acknowledge our right to self-determination.

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