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Okay everyone, this is extremely important! I know America is dying and that the U.S. government, the U.S. economy, the mainstream media, our rights and freedom, our populations, the political parties, our society, our money and all the etc. are all shutting down and are all going to shit and fire hell day in and day out in the 2010s which are the worst, the darkest, the deadliest and the most biggest steaming pile of shit decade of all time in history in everything and almost everyone in America and even in other countries today (mainly our deadly enemies). And so that's why I believe we need another civil war and another U.S. delta force military war to give us our rights back, to give us our freedom back, to make tax rates and pay rates good again, to fix the government, to make the U.S. economy rich and powerful again like it was in the old school days, to end all communism in the USA and worldwide in other countries, to make the mainstream media good again, to make entertainment fun and great again like it was from 1980-2006, to get all the trillions of dollars in money dept. back to us and back to the USA again, to destroy and end Al Qaeda and ISIS, to finish destroying all the criminal and street gangs, to lower crime since crime is high as hell today, to control the illuminati, to bring back and reopen all the greatest old school clothes stores and business corporations that went out of business, to make children, teens and families safer; to make people and U.S. citizens safer, to remodel old run down suburban places and make them into big urban cities with rich money and high quality of fun life, to make the community better and grow, to make the world fun and exciting again like the 80s, 90s and early 2000s were, to make life great and better and so much more!

Because I found out today that President Donald Trump is going to have to put the wall he wants built over the border of Mexico on hold for a while or for a few months and have it built later because as of right now. Those illuminati Congress and courts are not letting Trump have the wall built to make America safer and to keep illegal Mexicans and the bad Mexicans out of the USA so they won't continue killing more Americans and taking our money, food and rights from us. And the wicked democrats and liberals are also running America into the ground and running this country into extinction by allowing America to be flooded with illegals immigrants and more deadly terrorists and by letting them come in to the USA and cause more terrorism, fire hell, killings, stealing our money and more day in and day out today! That's why Trump is still going to fix all of that later when it's the right time. And also, all the greatest old school clothes stores and store corporations are all closing and going out of business (such as KMART and Sears that will both go out of business soon like many other great stores did and like KOHL's that will also go out of business later). And then hopefully, mervyn's will reopen and be back in business like it was in the old school days.

There are so many more reasons why we need another U.S. military war and another civil war to give us our rights and freedom back, to make the U.S. economy rich and powerful again, to make the government better, to get all the trillions of dollars in dept. all back to us again, to reopen all the best old school clothes stores, to improve the FCC, to make the mainstream and entertainment media (music, TV, concerts, music awards, grammy awards, music events, galleria malls and all the etc. larger than life and talented like the old school days again), to make galleria malls fun and great again with arcades, toy stores, real food courts and more; to make real music bands and artists with old school talent, to put an end to all this black darkness hell going on today, to fix and reverse all the problems and money dept. Barack Obama caused in the USA when he was president, to make Holidays old school fun again, to give children and teens today an old school fun childhood like we had growing up, to make kids and teens good, respectful and loving with morals today and all the etc.

Otherwise, if we don't do something now and we just keep ignoring all these fire hell things happening, America will be at the point of no return and it will die along with us American citizens and people. So that's why I say we need another civil war and another U.S. military war that is like world war 1, world war 2, the Vietnam war, the cold war and the earlier 9/11 war for all the reasons those wars happened and for more modern reasons. We also need to make our U.S. military troops stronger and more powerful with delta force and commando power to defeat and destroy ISIS, Al Qaeda, the Mexican mafias, the criminal gangs, the drug cartels and all the satanic people who are a threat to our country America! And so the USA will become rich and have a powerful economy again like it did from 1980-2006! America has always been a country of freedom, friendship, morals, love, kindness, bright opportunities, excitement, fun, our rights, a powerful rich economy, happy and healthy natural families, treating everyone and all the good U.S. citizens equally, fair and great, having magical moments and treats, opening real jobs, having the best education system, having real rich and high quality store corporations and clothes stores, making America clean, fresh and crystal clear, destroying and defeating ALL the enemies every time, learning right from wrong, teaching good life lessons, respect, caring, morals and faith; having the most biggest and fun old school entertainment and events, making real talented one hit wonder music artists and bands like the music industry had back in the 70s, 80s, 90s and early 2000s (and some of 2006 and 2007 before all these shitty 2010s artists came in), making holidays old school fun, having galleria malls jammed packed everyday with all the greatest fun children and people, making America what it's meant to be like it was in the old school days and the old history days and all the etc. And we might even need a galactic and space war in outer space with galactic ships and weapons to help us eliminate and destroys all the enemies on Earth and I space better with satellite and computer detectors and technology too.

America has always been "The Great American Melting Pop" where everyone of all ages and nationalities who are good and have morals are treated equally and have all the same rights and freedom! And now its the other way around today in the 2010s which is why Donald Trump who is a good president is working to fix all of that and take care of all the problems in the USA that all need to be taken care of. But he can't do it alone. We also need another civil war and another U.S. military delta force war with commando and delta force power to finishing destroying and defeating Al Qaeda, ISIS, the bad Muslims (not the good ones), the enemies in Israel, the enemies in the middle east, the Mexican drug cartels, the high crime criminals of today, the los zetas, the Mexican mafias, the criminal gangs, the leaders of the New World Order and all the satanic illuminati enemies so that America can grow and become great and safer again! And so America can go back to being larger than life, timeless and fabulous again like it was back in the old history days when it was discovered and like America was from (1980-2006) long before all this black darkness hell started happening and before Barack Obama became the U.S. president.

So please sign this petition to help save the USA and make the USA great, bright and safer again before it's too late and America sinks like the Titanic and gets overtaken by the enemies and the illuminati. Thank you and God Bless The Unites States Of America!!

the past u.s. military wars (we need another war like these ones again)

(it appears trump's wall is on hold and it will be built later)

(here are some youtube videos explaining why we need another civil war and why we need another U.S. military delta force war with commando and delta force power)

(two videos with everything in them that need to happen to make America safer and excellent again)

(some articles)

(And God Bless America and our wonderful people and U.S. citizens and children of all ages and nationalities)

(America is indeed "The Great American Melting Pot" and this how the USA is meant to be until the end of times with everyone treated equally and fairly)


So let's take back our country America and make the united states great and safer again, shall we?

The Declare another civil war and another U.S. military delta force war to happen so that we can fix all the problems in America and make America and our world safer, brighter and great again!! petition to Donald Trump, the U.S. congress, the white house, the FBI, the federals and the U.S. military was written by Jacob Andrew Sosa and is in the category Military at GoPetition.