#Human Rights
Christian Federation

Good on you, Margaret Court!
You have every right in a democratic nation to freely express your views on any matter without being attacked and demeaned.

Where is the tolerance demanded by the pro-Same Sex Marriage advocates who try to shut down anyone who disagree with their views? Where is the consistency in respecting diversity when Margaret's views are denigrated and denied?

We honour you, Margaret Court, and call on all fair-minded Australian's to sign this declaration of support as a stand against personal attacks that deny the Right of Freedom of Speech in the Australia we love.

How will this declaration be used?
This statement is not about the marriage Plebiscite. It is about expressing solidarity with Margaret Court. It is about supporting Freedom of Speech and about standing for 'No Change' to the existing Australian Marriage Law. This declaration will encourage Margaret by affirming that thousands of Australians honour her as a great national champion and support her in the marriage debate. This is a private statement that does not disclose signatures. You can also indicate in the notes if you do not want to receive any further advice on how this statement is being deployed.

If you would like to sign the petition supporting the marriage plebiscite please visit the Australian Christian Lobby web site.

We the undersigned stand in solidarity with Margaret Court and support her right to freedom of speech. We also support everyone's right to freely express their view for 'No Change' to Australia's existing marriage law.

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