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As the nation and the world finds itself in the midst of an economic downturn and crisis, now is not the time for elected officials to add to the problem by costing taxpayers more money than they already do.

Yet on the agenda during this legislative session will be a pay raise for Members of Congress. The raise is automatic, however they have ignored legislation to prevent the raise from going through.

It is anticipated that the raise will be an increase in pay of 2.8 %. This will increase their average salaries by approximately $4,700 a year bringing most elected officials salaries up to approximately $174,00.

If accepted, the increase may be a relatively small one but it is clear that, given the current state of the economy, members of Congress should be the last individuals in the American workforce to receive any pay raise regardless of how small it may seem to some.

As Congress misappropriates taxpayers dollars, increases debt with pork barrel spending on pet projects and increases our national debt while bailing out free market industries, the very last additional expense that they should place on the American people is one that puts more money in their pockets.

While consumers are cutting back, those who represent them in government should also cut back.

Therefore, regardless of how small the percent of their intended salary increase may be, any raise at this time should not be considered. Accepting any raise for themselves, at this time would be akin to Marie-Antoinette's declaration of “let them eat cake” which she made after being told that her suffering French populace had no bread to eat

If Congress has an ounce of sense and a scintilla of sincerity they will reject the thought of accepting any pay raise or cost of living adjustment for themselves as well as any other federal budget appropriation that would increase their salaries.

Please sign the petition below if you agree.

We, the undersigned, hereby call upon each and every member of congress to cast a vote against any measure to increase their salaries, staff and office budgets, as well as personal expense limits, and currently allocated per diem expenses.

If such a vote or votes come before Congress at any point during the sessions between January 2009 and January 2011 we demand that they reject it and we demand that they repeal the automatic 2.8% increase currently given to members of the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Furthermore, we, the undersigned also demand that during this same time frame, no automatic adjustments for inflation or other costs of living be made for federal office holders.

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