All American Citizens
United States of America

In the spirit, style, and logical flow of the United States Declaration of Independence:

Declaration of No Confidence
and Demand for Simultaneous Resignation
of Messrs Obama, Biden, Reid, Byrd,* and Ms Pelosi

When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for United States Citizens to petition for the resignation of duly elected leaders of our Executive and Legislative branches of government, a decent respect to the opinions of our fellow Citizens requires that we should declare the causes that impel us to make this extraordinary demand.

As United States Citizens we still hold the following truths to be self-evident – that Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of happiness are unalienable Rights of all US Citizens – that to secure these fundamental Rights, our Founding Fathers instituted a Federal Government that derives its just powers solely from the consent of the governed and explicitly from the letter and spirit of the United States Constitution – that when that Government, under the pretext of caring for us, rescuing us, protecting us, or any other excuse becomes destructive of those fundamental Rights, it is time to exercise the particular Right of Citizens, as expressly stated in the Constitution, to petition that Government peacefully for Redress of Grievances.

We do so now petition, via this Declaration of No Confidence, demanding the simultaneous resignation of Messrs Obama, Biden, Reid, Byrd,* and Ms Pelosi. We further demand that within eight weeks of said resignation, following current rules of succession, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton shall ascend to the Presidency and form a new Executive Branch, and both the House and Senate shall elect new Majority Leaders.

Prudence, indeed, will dictate that duly elected leaders should not be removed for light or transient reasons outside the normal election cycle. Accordingly, the American experience has been to tolerate occasional well-reasoned compromises, secure in the knowledge that election cycles will permit corrections as needed over the progression of time. But when a long train of major abuses and usurpations occurs over a very short time, it is the Right and the Duty of Citizens to demand a halt and a change of leadership, lest those and subsequent abuses and usurpations lead to irreversible damage to the Republic and the fundamental Rights that the Republic was created to uphold.

The brief history of the current Executive and Legislative branch leadership is in fact so rapid a sequence of egregious abuses and usurpations as to be unimaginable as little as one year ago. As evidence, let the following list of abuses and usurpations already effected or in progress as of December, 2009, be submitted to a candid Citizenry.

  • Seizing ownership of Private Sector manufacturing firms, firing their management, and seizing the property of their lawful bond holders without due process
  • Seizing control of healthcare provisioning, imposing Federally-provided healthcare of dubious efficiency and quality, and explicitly exempting Congress from having to use same
  • Seizing ownership of major insurance industry companies and firing their management
  • Seizing control of home-lending corporations and firing their management

  • Seizing control of virtually all lending for college educations

  • Seizing control of the National Census by the White House

  • Abusing the powers of the Legislature and Federal Reserve by increasing the debt of the Republic’s Citizenry by more than one thousand billion dollars in less than one year

  • Imposing “Cap and Trade” legislation, for dubious benefit, that will add new extremes of control over the Private Sector and enable still further revenue confiscation there from

  • Appointing unelected ‘czars’ to regulate Private Sector compensation, finance, services, manufacturing, energy sources, and food production, as well as the personal freedoms of choice associated therewith

  • Contriving sub-rosa influence, control, and financial schema with a chosen few from Business, Labor, Finance, and Media and proffering favored White House and Congressional access thereto

  • Reneging shamelessly on promises to curtail earmarks, reject lobbyists, reverse fiscal irresponsibility, and reduce secrecy in legislative processes – instead exploiting these practices anew at unprecedented levels

  • Snubbing our long-time allies, sidling up to dictators, and spurning the world’s freedom-seeking peoples to court the favor of heinous regimes with which the administration naively seeks “dialog”

  • Debasing our Constitutional Rights by granting them, without legislation or precedent, to non-citizen enemy combatants and confessed mass murderers of our fellow Americans

  • Threatening free speech in the name of “ownership diversity” and “Net neutrality” for the Republic’s broadcast media and Internet

  • Boycotting and denouncing those media that are most critical of the administration’s initiatives and tactics

  • Ignoring, then mocking, then verbally attacking American Citizens who rise to protest these behaviors
In every stage of these abuses and usurpations, Citizens have objected, opposed, and warned of the dire consequences of an ever-larger Federal bureaucracy, ever-larger debt, ever-larger and more numerous entitlement programs, and ever-more-burdensome regulations and intrusions on enterprise and personal freedoms. Yet the current Executive administration and Congressional leaders have ignored this opposition. Instead, they have accelerated the growth of national debt, taxation, paternalization, regulation, and invasive control of major segments of our free-market economy, thereby propelling the inevitable suppression of personal freedoms that the world knows all too well accompany such changes.

* As President pro tempore of the Senate, Mr. Byrd is 3rd in line to succeed the President. If lawful means may be found to pass the line of Presidential succession over Mr. Byrd to Secretary of State Clinton, Mr. Byrd may retain his seat.

We therefore, as Citizens of the United States of America, wishing urgently to change our current course, in kindred spirit with our Founding Fathers, and with the Constitution firmly in hand that they bequeathed to us, do hereby petition for Redress – specifically the simultaneous resignations of Messrs Obama, Biden, Reid, Byrd,* and Ms Pelosi. We further demand that within eight weeks of said resignations, (i) Secretary of State Hillary Clinton shall ascend to the Presidency in accordance with current rules of succession, and (ii) the Senate and House of Representatives shall elect new Majority Leaders.

We can and must alter our current course. We can and must do better – much better. And it is to this end, with abiding faith in the best of our American heritage, that we the undersigned do jointly support this Declaration.

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