All the Citizens of India and The Government of India

This planet has had a Climate Emergency for years, although for some reason it hasn’t been officially declared by any organisation such as The UN or a Government of any Country. To make the people realise that it is actually a time to respond and not just keep reacting is now a tough task until, it is officially declared as a CLIMATE EMERGENCY. If we look back, all these years, the people have started to come out to the streets holding protests against the governments instructing them to take action but no one has actually thought of doing something to bring about some change. It is time to bring that change. The temperatures have been rising to the extreme during summers and dropping to a freeze during winters. It is time to join hands and, without too many protests and campaigns, do something to bring that extreme temperature back to normal and to give balance to the severely dis balanced ecosystem.

In recent times, the world has seen few of the most devastating calamities in history. A very clear cause has been Global Warming which has brought about Climate Change. Just to make it clear, the humans living on this planet are the only such beings which have the potential to turn this situation around, not to forget that we are the ones who are responsible for all this mess. No, none of us want’s to blame ourselves for this kind of ecosystem we have put ourselves in, but, we will have to even if it’s not our choice! The poor animals which have a settled ecosystem for a living are suffering. At the end of the day, it’s not the time look back at our mistakes, instead, it’s time for us to be careful with the steps we make in the future and especially NOT make any more mistakes. Let’s join hands and work selflessly to make a healthier future for ourselves and the next generations to come along, not to forget the living beings we’re doing this for ; animals and their inheritors. It’s up to us if we want to go out there and battle it out against our biggest enemy, POLLUTION. It’s time to bring about change for real .Let’s be friends with nature and protect her. WE APPEAL TO THE CITIZENS OF THE WORLD TO BE ECO-BUDDIES. 


By signing this petition, you shall become an eco-buddy. Every person counts, we will have to make it work in order to live.

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