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When in the course of events it becomes necessary for our people to strengthen the bonds that have connected us as one nation of diverse peoples, wisdom requires that we draw upon our core values and character to chart our course forward. Therefore we the people as citizens of these United States of America do affirm that:

* America's strength emanates from its founding ideals and documents which acknowledge the existence of the Creator as the source of our inalienable rights. These defining ideals have shaped America's unique national identity and culture.

* All people are endowed with intrinsic and equal value. Therefore all share a common heritage that is the original source of human rights and dignity.

* Our forefathers have labored to establish a government of the people, by the people and for the people, understanding that the freedoms that all Americans aspire to enjoy can be maintained only by citizens who can also govern themselves.

* Our history has been an ongoing process to realize our founding ideals, led by men and women who have called America to live out the true meaning of its creed, who have challenged us to be a people and a nation of character and virtue.

Whereas, studies have shown that Americans presently no longer share a cultural consensus on essential values, including what constitutes right and wrong, and

Whereas, our nation faces serious challenges both externally and internally requiring that we pull together beyond race, ethnicity, political affiliation or religion.

Therefore we hereby call for a national campaign to affirm core values that form the basis of personal and national character. Toward that end, we propose programs and activities that enable us to:

* Rekindle the energy and creativity that have shaped our nation, based on the best attributes of the American character: self-reliance, industry, responsibility, honesty, faith, courage, honor, and integrity.

* Balance our claims to individual rights with commitment to the virtue of living for the common good.

* Recognize that all people share a common spiritual heritage; that within the core of our being, we are the same. Because we are the same in essence, then cultural, racial or religious differences should never divide us.

* Relate with others - with all people - with integrity, honesty and compassion, in all ways doing unto others as we would have them do unto us.

* Treat others with respect always, while recognizing that a free society must allow the unfettered free reflection, evaluation and, if necessary, critique of any behavior.

* Promote strong and healthy families, because love, respect and essential values are taught and learned in the family. The traditional family, comprised of a father and a mother and their offspring, is the cornerstone of society and the first school of love.

* Strengthen the cohesion of our communities and nation through building consensus on shared values rooted in transcendent principles. Engaging such principles in the public debate, discourse and life of our nation is essential to our national well-being.

* Renew our vision and rededicate our efforts to build an America that lives up to its founding ideals, so that it might stand as "one nation under God." Then our nation can shine as a beacon of hope and an example that diverse peoples everywhere can live, serve and work together in harmony and peace.

Therefore, in agreement, I add my name below to the growing number of Americans who are calling for the renewal of the core values that sustain our unique national character.

Through the Call to Character Declaration, we communicate together the urgency of our common concern to community leaders and elected representatives across America and in Washington D.C. We speak with one voice that Americans everywhere are standing together, beyond party affiliation, race, or religion in the common interest of our nation whose founding ideals are now at risk.

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