#Animal Rights
Tirana Zoo

The Tirana Zoo is the only one of its kind in Albania. Ever since it's opened it hasn't had the appropriate conditions for the animals. They are kept in cages which are small and not very cleaned. Animals have been seen extremely weakened and sometimes aggressive due to lack of food. This of course is an unfair fact.

Many visitors from abroad and Albania too, have come and seen the brutal conditions it's in. They have taken photography and video proofs that can be found all over the internet.

Not a long time ago, this zoo was closed with the pretext of improving the conditions and the quality of the zoo, but ever since it has opened again, nothing has changed. There's only two possible options left now for the zoo owners. They should either improve the conditions for the animals and fulfill all the requirements a good zoo needs, or close it immediately. In this way the animals won't treated this way anymore and unfairness can be avoided.

We, the undersigned, request the zoo owners to take action. Either close the zoo or improve the conditions.

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