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Those with the decision making power and access to funds needed to move Decatur Station in Denver
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Target: Those with the decision making power and access to funds that could raise the additional $3 million needed to relocate Decatur Light Rail Station from RTD’s Proposed location (the below grade area behind Rude Recreation Center and near Federal bridge) to the City and Resident Preferred location identified in Decatur Station Area Planning Public Workshop #3 (on flatter ground closer to the Broncos stadium) including: City Council, City Planning Department, Public Works, RTD Board and Staff, Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG), Mayor Hickenlooper, the Stadium District, the Denver Broncos, and the local media.

Feasibility: Approximately $6.07 million has been allocated to address the safety concerns following including:

1) $2.07 million dollars from The Better Denver Bond Program, approved by the voters in 2007, which included $2.07 million for “Public Infrastructure for Transit-Oriented Development at Decatur Station”.

2) Approximately $4 million split between the City and Urban Drainage and Flood Control District for the portion of Lakewood Gulch from 300 feet West of Decatur St. to the S. Platte River.

Petition is also available in Spanish here: Online petition - Petición de Localización para la Estación de Tranvía Decatur

Who is signing this petition: The Sun Valley Coalition, a member of Metro Organizations for People, is soliciting signatures from Sun Valley residents residing in homes, Denver Housing Authority, and Decatur Place, as well as neighborhood employees, riders of RTD, those utilizing the bike paths along the Lakewood Gulch, those who own and utilizing local businesses, and our allies.

The problem we want addressed: We have a number of concerns about safety, stemming from the RTD Proposed Decatur Light Rail Station location. Our concerns include:

1) The current location lies in the floodplain where two year-old Baby Matthew Jauregui, Jr. was swept away by floodwaters May 14, 2007.

2) Pedestrian access is hindered because of the area’s steep slope. The original discussions of this site included an elevator not a lonely walk under a bridge.

3) The proximity to Rude Recreation Center makes it a natural gathering point for youth and other people, which might pose problems. We believe the area within the vicinity of the Rude Park is not safe for children in a neighborhood where youth outnumber adults 2 to 1.

4) The station’s location is not visible from the surrounding neighborhood, which will make it difficult to police in one of Denver’s highest crime neighborhoods. The RTD Preferred location does not have the characteristics of an easy to police location and never will because it is in a park and no future development opportunities are directly adjacent to it. We believe these factors will result in a station that is never visible and always hard to police.

5) Other than the RTD ridership there will never be eyes of witnesses on the site and therefore victims of crimes at the station will experience crime in isolation. The location provides a vast number of opportunities for criminals to enter and exit the area unseen.

The following individuals want the station moved out of the gulch and to flat ground closer to the stadium.

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