anyone who commits a murder with a hand gun regardless of age
United States of America

I live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The crime of murder is out of control with young men committing murders with hand guns and not getting any punishment for it.

I believe this society has totally dismissed its own justice. People are living in fear afraid to walk down the street just to go to work, school or go to the grocery store. The legal system is failing our society.

We need the death penalty to deter murders with a handgun and we need to be brave in carrying out executions in this state. I am thinking of moving out of Pennsylvania to a state that has the death penalty.

We need the death penalty and we need it right away. We need to stop thinking that this penalty is too cruel because the crimes that these murderers commit are cruel. People need to remind themselves of the Old Testament during Moses times, people were punished for good reason.

Murders are out of control in Pennsylvania especially with hand guns. We must have the death penalty to show criminals that this is the payment that society must have for murder.

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