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Freddie Everett is known as The Texas Legend. His lightning fast, ad-libbed, guitar solos, and the way he worked the crowd, made him a local legend. If “Freddie” played at a bar, it was sure to be packed. Freddie was always there for any benefit, even passing up paying gigs to do so.

Freddie had just signed a deal with SONY Records, and was on the verge of international stardom, when ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease) took away his ability to play, and his income. He now relies on a ventilator to breath, and a feeding tube for nutrition. He relies on a government check and the generosity of his fans and friends make ends meet. He uses an eye-tracking computer to communicate and to continue bringing music to the world.


UPDATE 10/10/08: Freddie did finally get that wheelechair and Annette now has a nurse aide for a few hours, but she still doesn't get much rest and always worries about making ends meets. Without donations, they wouldn't be able to. We do still need Oprah's help.

Dear Oprah,

We, the friends and fans of Freddie Everett - The Texas Legend, want him to have the fulfilling life he deserves and are asking your help in providing that for him.

We want his wife to have more help caring for him, so she can have a little rest. We want him to have the wheelchair his wife is fighting for, to have mobility. We want him to have a handicapped van, to be able to leave home, without being in an ambulance. We want them to have a house that’s paid for and handicapped friendly. We want him to have a studio, to continue recording with other artists, and to earn a living.

Some of these things he may get, but some he may not. We don’t want him to ever have to worry again. Please help us give Freddie the best life he could possibly have.

Sincerely, Freddie Everett‘s friends and fans.

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