Illinois Governor
United States of America

The Illinois Tollway is threatening to ruin our valuable wetlands, intact open spaces and quality of life in Lake County with the stunningly unaffordable Rt. 53/120 tollway extension. This is outdated 1950’s planning and a massive, urban-sprawl inducing plan which will eventually increase our traffic congestion. If not stopped, it would devastate property values, create increased health hazards and significantly compromise the quality of life for the people and businesses in the corridor.

We advocate for a more forward-thinking, efficient and cost effective plan that incentivizes cars off the road, preserves open spaces, increases access to public transit, modernizes our system and will position Lake County to be competitive in a 21st century economy.

We can’t afford the Illinois Tollway’s financially irresponsible and unattainable Rt. 53/120 extension. We don’t need another rigged Environmental Impact Study (EIS). We already know that it would destroy our environment and divide our communities. We want a modern, efficient transportation system for Lake County that will reduce traffic, reduce our trip times, fix and improve what we have, increase our access to Public Transit, maintain our quality of life and position us to be competitive in a 21st century economy.

The Illinois Tollway has never been able to afford the Rt. 53 extension and it won’t fund what we want. Please stop the useless Rt. 53/120 extension EIS and help us reduce traffic.

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