Adam Pearson - Derby County Chairman
United Kingdom

The City of Nottingham recently announced plans to create a lifelike statue for Brian Clough, arguably the greatest English football manager ever known. (Unveiling November 6th 2008).

As Derby fans, we (and many others) feel that Dean Sturridge's contribution to our club should be recognised in a similar way.

A few months ago, plans were announced for "Pride Plaza", a redevelopment of the front entrance of Pride Park Stadium, which would include a hotel, shops, and a square dedicated to Clough, which would include a "small statue".

Whilst this gesture is appreciated, the aim of this petition is to make plans for a large Solid Gold Animatronic Robot Statue of Dean Sturridge outside the stadium. The statue would need to be at least 50ft tall and made of solid gold. Also, there needs to be flames shooting out of his eyes and mouth.

The words "IN STURRIDGE WE TRUST" should be written in diamonds too.

We feel that Sturridge's contribution to our club needs to be rightly recognised.

We urge all Derby County and non-Derby County fans to sign this petition.

Please sign this petition, and spread the word.

Thank You

I, the undersigned, agree that Dean Sturridge's immense contribution to Derby County Football Club should be recognised, and agree that a 50ft solid gold animatronic statue should be erected in front of the main entrance of Pride Park Stadium.

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