Sunshine Coast Regional Council & Maitime Safety Queensland

Recently the Sunshine Coast Regional Council, along with Maritime Safety Queensland, have restricted the usage of the Noosa River water ski areas to the hours of 8am-5pm, but only to boats in the action of actually towing a rider.

We feel this is going to cause problems, especially during the summer tourist season, with a large number of boats now restricted to certain hours.

We would like to see the time restrictions lifted so as to once again spread out the boats using the areas, and give the locals a chance to enjoy the ski areas in less crowded times, there are many locals who enjoyed a post work ride, which they can no longer do as we cannot tow skiers/wakeboarders after 5pm.

The names and signatures appearing on this petition, register their concerns regarding the recent closure and restricted usage of the Noosa River Ski Runs.

These Concerns are:

1. Overcrowding will result in accidents
Historically, the local watersports enthusiasts have benefited from early morning and evening usage of the runs, allowing the holiday makers the time between. By restricting the usage time, the runs will become congested, noisy and potentially risk the safety of not only the ski run users, but also traffic travelling through the ski runs.

2. Changes to the river usage without adequate public consultation
The ski runs have provided generations of families with fun on the water and are as much a part of the Noosa lifestyle, for many families, as surfing, biking and running. Those using these recreational areas do not create a public nuisance, they do not impede the sailors, rowers, kayakers or fisherman. In the overall scheme of things, their "slice" of the river is relatively insignificant. Surely these people deserve the opportunity of consultation.

3. Discriminating ruling
Why should we be discriminated against simply because we tow a tube/skier/wakeboarder? Fishing boats, speed boats and tourist boats are able to frequent the runs at all times of the day, as long as they adhere to the requirements of Maritime Saftey. If noise were the issue, shouldn't all boats be restricted to the 8am-5pm times? Towing a tube/waterskier/wakeboarder does not increase the noise level of an engine.

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