The Government of The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
Trinidad and Tobago

It is understood that while marijuana has been essentially illegal since forever, the prohibition of this plant has not worked. There have been studies done that prove it has medical uses, if it didn't then the synthetic drug Marinol would not exist. It has also been proven that in recreational use it does less harm than alcohol.

Please look at how much our government spends on trying to fight something that is of no threat to our society. Realize how many other ways that money could be spent to make this a stronger country. Also, look into how much more money the country would make through taxation, as it does with alcohol and tobacco.

Don't be afraid to stand up and say this to your fellow politicians. We, your constituents, are asking you to do this for us and for our country.

[Romel Ravello]

Legalization or De-Criminalization of Marijuana for all uses medical and recreational in Trinidad and Tobago.

1. 1.5 Oz limit
2. Legal age for possession and or use 21
3. A ticket system should be set up for unlawful quantities of marijuana and not criminal treatment.

For the truth about marijuana, no media lies.. go here

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