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Fremantle City Council

Hi Community and park users,
Davies reserve in White Gum Valley ( bounded by Wood St, Amhurst St, Watkins st and Sampson st) is a long forgotten 'Dry Park' in the City of Fremantle. Dusty horrible weeds that is unusable.
For many years now after the grass watering was removed the park has become not a very pleasant place to be.
A few locals, with the guidance from City of Fremantle have taken it upon ourselves as local residents to drive a significant upgrade for the park so that it may once again be a nice place for kids and families to play.

With the help of ECOSCAPE, ( https://ecoscape.com.au/ ) one of the leading landscape architectural firms using innovative sustainable solutions, a draft has been drawn up to put some ideas together and to drive the project forward. ECOSCAPE has worked probono on the project and we thank them for their brilliant design and help for the local community.

We need big community support to receive any funding from the council to get this done.
Please comment (good or bad!) on the designs and any suggestions on how we can drive this project and get funding from the council would be appreciated.
Let's make our park beautiful and an enjoyable space for the community once more.

"We the undersigned, agrre that funding is required for the Davies Reserve Upgrade"
Lets make Davies reserve beautiful again.
Funding is required from City of Fremantle

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