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Dattebayo Fansubs, LLC. (http://www.dattebayo.com/)

On July 18th of the year 2008, Dattebayo Fansubs, A fansubbing group who Subbed the Anime Naruto & Naruto Shippuuden, Bleach and a few other Anime series, Stop their subbing of the Anime Naruto Shippuuden. This is the result of people not taking heed of their of their warnings of removing their subbs from youtube and similar sites.

Dattebayo Fansubs is they only know subbers of the anime Naruto Shippuuden. They have been active since 2004.

For more info on this excellent fansubbing group please go to this site: http://www.dattebayo.com/

As Stated in my Description I told you about Dattebayo's decision to stop subbing Naruto Shippuuden, I ask all of you who like the anime naruto to please sign this petition to let Dattebayo know how you feel about this decision.

Also please remove any dattebayo fansubs from online video hosting/sharing sites such as YouTube.com, and please don't use their fansubs to make a profit. So once again take a minute to look over this petition and sign it. Thank-you for your time.

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